Why is TB 500 Considered the Most Powerful Peptide?

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Why is TB 500 Considered the Most Powerful Peptide?

TB 500 is not a naturally occurring peptide found in humans and animals. It is actually a synthetic version of Thymosin Beta 1 or TB4, which is produced in the thymus gland. Extensive studies have to be performed to determine the true efficacy of TB 500. One of the major discoveries that researchers have about this product is the way it can effectively restore and heal the cardiovascular health of an athlete.

Generally speaking, TB 500 is used to speed up healing and recovery. On its test subjects, it was found that TB 500 can help reduce joint inflammation and cure tendonitis. It can also aid in the renewal of blood vessels, treat stomach ulcers and lesions, and promote cellular-level healing.

TB 500 for Bodybuilders

For bodybuilders, TB 500 helps in improving muscle tone and stretching connective tissues. In the event that spams and cramps occur, the pain felt is much less. Test subjects that used TB 500 report that they experienced a significant increase in their stamina level while reducing fatigue during workout sessions. With continued use, their endurance level was increased significantly.

TB 500 was also very beneficial for them in terms of speeding up their body’s recovery rate. Torn tissues obtained during workouts are repaired very fast, thus allowing the production of new muscle. Faster wound healing on surface tissues also means faster build-up of lean muscle.

For athletes or bodybuilders with injuries that do not want to be sidelined for a very long time may possibly benefit the most from TB 500. The amazing healing properties of this peptide work not just on the injured part but also on the uninjured areas around it.

How to Use TB 500

TB 500 usually comes in powder form so it has to be added to bacteriostatic water solution before it can be administered intravenously into the body. Around 1 ml of bacteriostatic water is added to every package of the powder. Around 2 mg to 2.5 mg of the solution has to be administered into the body twice a week for up to six weeks. It works best when injected in the injured part of the body although it will still work even if injected anywhere else.

However, the use of TB 500 outside of the test subjects is not yet recommended. Rigid studies are still being conducted around this chemical to determine whether or not it can be used for humans. Even if the results on animal subjects are seen on people, it still needs FDA approval before it can be cleared for individual consumption. As of now, TB 500 can only be used for clinical testing and research purposes.

Researchers who need TB 500 for their studies can obtain the chemical through reputable sources. There are a few reputable companies like U.S. Made Research Peptides with online stores where you can purchase these types of products. However, U.S. Research Peptides products are made from US based laboratories with top quality chemicals for your testing purposes.


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