What Ibutamoren Can Do for Your Muscle

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What Ibutamoren Can Do for Your Muscle

Also known as MK-677, Ibutamoren is a research chemical that has a lot of benefits in store for bodybuilders. For starters, it helps them gain more muscle in many ways. There are several studies being done on this product showing that it can mimic the actions of the growth hormone in stimulating another hormone called ghrelin, which helps increase the secretion of the insulin-like growth factor 1 or simply IGF-1.

Ibutamoren has been submitted to the FDA as an Investigational New Drug. Pending its approval, the use of this substance is purely for research only. However, the fact that it has passed all phases of clinical testing, which is a requirement prior to a new FDA drug approval application, shows the promise that this drug may soon be readily available in the market. But until then, Ibutamoren can only be used for clinical testing.

Beneficial Effects of ibutamoren for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders are going to be very excited to know that Ibutamoren will make it easier for them to get bigger and leaner muscle. And aside from increased lean mass, it also creates a drastic increase on one’s basal metabolic rate or BMR.

There are separate studies showing that Ibutamoren can help reduce muscle wasting in older individuals. This can only suggest that it may possibly prolong the bodybuilding career of older subjects with the help of this substance. Additionally, Ibutamoren helps increase bone density, which is another problem of the elderly. All of these taken into account, it is quite safe to say that Ibutamoren may help in delaying aging and increasing longevity.

Research shows another benefit for bodybuilders as test show Ibutamoren can promote deep sleep. Everyone knows that the muscle is repaired during sleep. Rest plays a very important role for its development. Ibutamoren works on all angles to ensure that bodybuilders get the physique that they’ve always wanted.

Aside from promoting sleep, Ibutamoren also assists in tissue regeneration and wound healing. These two functions are very important among professional bodybuilders who tend to break tendons or ligaments during training. With the use of this substance, there is less of a chance of injuries and of course, faster development of lean muscle tissues.

Other Effects of Ibutamoren

Aside from its crucial role in bodybuilding, Ibutamoren also has nootropic effects. It means that this substance can positively affect one’s cognitive performance. It may enhance one’s memory and learning beyond that of similar compounds.

Further studies are also being conducted to see how Ibutamoren performs in addressing growth hormone deficiency in children. This is because Ibutamoren is believed to increase the levels of IGF-1 and the growth hormones in the body without any significant change in the cortisol, thyroid hormone, and PRL levels.

But then again, the use of Ibutamoren is not intended for human consumption just yet. Prior to FDA approval, Ibutamoren is only recommended for clinical testing. If you’re a scientist who wants to use this substance for your own research, you may purchase the quantities that you need from US Made Research Peptides.

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