Follistatin – 1mg


Follistatin – 1mg

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Follistatin is a protein attached to carbohydrates that is high in cysteine. It mainly functions to inhibit myostatin and similar growth factor peptides. Myostatin prevents the muscle from growing. With Follistatin, the effect of myostatin is neutralized and optimum muscle development is possibly achieved.

In a laboratory study with rats, it was proven that Follistatin can greatly increase the subject’s muscle mass. When the same test was done on monkeys, they found out that aside from muscle growth, there’s a notable increase in strength among test subjects as well. And aside from initiating muscular development while inhibiting myostatin, Follistatin also affects other proteins and hormones in the body such as activins and GDF-11.

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Follistatin Benefits

Follistatin is quite popular in bodybuilding circles for its promising effect on muscle growth. But the benefits of this substance don’t end there. Aside from building muscle, Follistatin may also inhibit fat gain. The same study conducted on mice show that Follistatin may decrease the size of fat-storing cells.

Follistatin is assumed to be effective against muscle loss. The increase in muscular strength has been noted in a clinical study involving six male patients with muscular dystrophy. They also exhibited increased handgrip strength and life expectancy. This particular study gave way to the possibility of Follistatin being used as a treatment for sacropenia. The other uses of Follistatin also include possible treatment for arthritis and baldness. It may also play an important role in promoting the reproductive health of women.

However, Follistatin is not intended for human consumption. While the studies done on animal subjects are promising, the clinical tests on humans are not yet complete. Follistatin can be obtained by those who want to do further research and testing of the substance.

How Does Follistatin Work?

Follistatin is an activin-binding protein produced by folliculostellate or the FS cells of the pituitary gland. FS cells make contact with the endocrine cells of the pituitary gland, including gonadotrophs. Follistatin may serve as the safeguard against uncontrolled cellular development. It plays a vital role in tissue repair and rebuilding. Follistatin and activin are involved in the body’s inflammatory response after a tissue gets injured or damaged.

Follistatin is made up of protein and glycoprotein. While it is primarily produced in the liver, it can be found in almost all other body tissues. Aside from bodybuilders, there are studies indicating that it may also have beneficial effects on people with cancer.

There are ways to naturally boost the body’s Follistatin level through diet and exercise, although it can easily be administered to the body. But since the use of Follistatin is not yet approved for human consumption, doing so is not encouraging. Follistatin may be obtained for research and testing purposes only. Some of the side effects associated with Follistatin include temporarily weakened ligaments and muscle swelling.


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