DSIP – 10mg


DSIP – 10mg

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DSIP means Delta sleep-inducing peptide, which was first discovered in 1974 by a group of Swiss researchers. They isolated this peptide from the cerebral venous blood of rabbits that are in an induced state of sleep. DSIP was believed to be involved in regulating sleep because it can induce slow-wave sleep in rabbits. Further research shows that there is a DSIP-like material in the human breast milk.

The same study revealed that DSIP plays a crucial role in stress resistance. It shows that this peptide offers stress protective, immunomodulating, and anti-seizure effects. And while this peptide primarily induces delta-sleep in rats, mice, and rabbits, its effect in cats as far as REM sleep is concerned proves to be more pronounced.

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(DSIP) Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide Benefits

Research on DSIP proves that it offers several promising benefits. Aside from limiting stress, DSIP may also have an effect on body temperature so it can possibly be used to address hypothermia. It also shows to have good antioxidant properties, which was tested on laboratory rats. Of course, it also promotes slow wave sleep on most animal species it was tested on.

In medicine and disease prevention, DSIP is being tested to confirm its anti-carcinogenic properties and analgesic effect. Studies also show that it may protect the bones from age-related deficiencies. In another research, there’s a possibility that DSIP may be used to address Major Depressive Disorder or MDD. There is also preliminary proof showing that DSIP may help patients who are suffering from Cushing’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.

But while these are the assumed benefits of DSIP, there is no conclusive evidence that the effects on laboratory subjects are going to be the same on humans. This is why the use of this substance is not yet cleared for human consumption. DSIP can be obtained for research and testing purposes alone.

How Does DSIP Work?

DSIP affects the nightly rise of NAT or N-acetyltransferase activity in rats. The many multifunctional regulatory properties of this peptide are being studied several times over to prove its stress-protective property and adaptive activity.

The DSIP peptide may help those who are struggling with insomnia although it is not yet approved by the FDA as a medication for such. DSIP may provide deep and healing rest for a satisfying sleep.

As a neuropeptide that works by inducing spindle and delta EEG activities, DSIP may also reduce motor activity. However, the information on this peptide is still lacking, unlike Somatropin and HCG that provide almost the same effects.

In body building, DSIP is believed to help in releasing somatotropin due to the deep sleep it induces. In effect, it blocks the production of somatostatin, which limits the growth of the major muscle of the body. But then again, more tests are needed to clear this substance for human consumption.


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