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AOD means Anti-Obesity Drug. AOD -9604 is a fragment of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) C-terminus where tyrosine is added at the end of the N-terminal. The supposed function of this peptide is to stimulate lipolytic and anti-lipogenic activities. Lipolysis is the process of breaking down fats while lipogensis is the prevention of the transformation of fatty food into body fat. This means that AOD-9064 can be helpful in shaping and building the body.

AOD-9064 was initially developed as an anti-obesity medication without having an effect on the muscle. Discovered by an Australian professor, AOD-9064 was studied with the funding from Metabolic Pharmaceuticals, which parent company is Calzada. However, the research was discontinued in 2007 because results show that the substance failed to create a meaningful outcome in the trial population.

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AOD Benefits

AOD-9064 was designed not to have any anabolic effects while destroying fats. While this AOD is not like the Human Growth Hormone that stimulates the production of IGF-1, it offers a certain range of benefits related to fat burning among obese and overweight individuals.

The target of AOD-9064 is to destroy stubborn abdominal fats. It is also assumed that the substance can possibly maintain muscle mass while improving bone density in patients with osteoporosis. There is some proof that AOD-9064 may increase soft tissue damage and energy expenditure as well.

But even with all these benefits, the use of this peptide is not recommended for human consumption as the research has not been completed. Therefore, this substance can be used for the purpose of continued research and trials only.

How AOD Works

AOD-9064 is an anti-obesity drug that is a synthetic analog of the lipolytic domain of HGH. It works by stimulating lipolysis and inhibiting lipogenesis. As a result, it is believed to reduce excessive adipose tissues in the abdominal area while increasing muscle mass and enhancing the lipid content of the body.

AOD-9604 is believed to release fat from obese fat cells and not from lean ones. As an effect, it reduces new fat accumulation while enhancing fat burn. In essence, AOD-9604 reduces body fat without the need to change food consumption or induce growth. And because it is not a GHRH, it not supposed to increase IGF levels and produce some of the unwanted effects of the growth hormones.

There are a few side effects associated to this substance and these include tightening of the chest, palpitation, headache, and feeling of euphoria. Researchers say that AOD-9604 is technically safe but there is no proof that it won’t produce any adverse effects for long-term. This is why the use of this substance for human consumption is discouraged. This AOD can be used for trial and testing purposes only.


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