ACE-031 – 1mg


ACE-031 – 1mg

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Also known as ACVR2B, Ace-031 is a soluble form of activin type IIB receptor. This substance inhibits myostatin and other proteins that may limit muscle growth.  Two bio-pharma companies worked on this compound, namely Acceleron and Shire.

Ace-031 is a synthetically produced chemical that can act as a decoy receptor for myostatin and other catabolic proteins.  It binds to the said proteins to protect the muscle fibers. Studies are being conducted to see if ACE-031 can treat children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or DMD.

The main purpose of developing ACE-031 was to provide a cure for muscular dystrophy.  DMD is a fatal and painful genetic disorder characterized by the slow weakening of muscles.  The patients of this disease lose their strength and motor skills but their mind remains active.  This is why the U.S. FDA has approved the testing of ACE-031 in the hopes of finding the cure for the genetic disorder.

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Ace-031 Benefits

Studies were carried to determine how Ace-031 can possibly increase muscle mass and strength. And the results on the laboratory subjects were promising. The animals that were tested on showed results that are better than steroids. It was also found out that Ace-031 may cause a rapid increase in muscle hardness while ensuring fat burning efficiency.

In a separate study, Ace-031 showed promising effects in the reduction of leptin concentration and the boost of adiponectin, otherwise known as the good fat hormone. A parallel study also indicates how Ace-031 can increase alkaline phosphatase in the blood and reduce collagen telopeptide. The beneficial effect of this action is the strengthening of the bones.

But even if Ace-031 may possibly provide all these benefits, lab tests on this drug is not yet conclusive. This substance is not recommended for human consumption. It may be used for research purposes only.

How Does Ace-031 Work?

Ace-031 is a genetically developed protein fusion that inhibits myostatin, which is a hormone that signals the muscle to stop growing and replicating.  When myostatin is blocked or inhibited, muscle will grow bigger and the bones get stronger.  It also allows the muscle to grow indefinitely.

However, there are side effects associated to Ace-031 and the most common of which is a minor nose and gum bleeding. The blood vessels of the skin also get dilated. There are also certain studies that have indicated the substance may possibly cause infertility.

Acceleron and Shire partnered up to study, develop, and possibly market Ace-031. However, they were disappointed with the side effects of the drug, particularly bleeding. Because of that, they decided to terminate their partnership and ceased the study on Ace-031.

Ace-031 is not intended for human consumption as the research on the substance was not completed and the FDA has not given any clearance to its use. This chemical can be obtained for further research and testing only.


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