How Can DSIP Help You Sleep Better?

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How Can DSIP Help You Sleep Better?

DSIP is a peptide that helps induce sleep. DSIP stands for Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide, which was discovered by a Swiss research group. They claim that this peptide, which they obtained from the cerebral venous blood of rabbits induced in a deep state of sleep, can also be found in the human breast milk.

Because of this unique property of DSIP, it is somewhat recommended to people who are struggling with insomnia. Research shows that when it is injected into the bloodstream, sleep comes almost instantly. It affects the brain to make troubled sleep a thing of the past.

For bodybuilders, DSIP is also used if there’s a need to relax the body a few hours after a workout in order to immediately reap the healing benefits of resting. We all know that the muscle is ruptured during a workout and is restored or rebuilt during sleep.

DSIP, Sleep and Bodybuilding

When the body sleeps, growth hormones and melatonin are at their peak. These two substances play a very crucial role in tissue recovery. For one thing, growth hormones stimulate the production and regeneration of cells.

But aside from knowing the great benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, it is also important to know what happens to the body when a person lacks rest. If a person doesn’t get enough sleep for the day, his or her cortisol levels become quite high. Cortisol is a type of hormone that can waste away muscles if they come in large quantities. This is the reason why athletes and bodybuilders have to follow strict sleeping habits because they don’t want to waste away whatever they have worked so hard for in the gym.

DSIP has other benefits to bodybuilders other than just promoting a restful sleep. Studies show that it can also help manage one’s hormonal levels while it also improves psychological and physical performance. It also has analgesic properties that are helpful in addressing chronic pain. Chronic pain is almost a certainty for people who always go to the gym and exercise.

Do you need DSIP?

You may be interested in DSIP if you are having problems putting your body into a deep state of relaxation fast enough to get those ruptured muscles repaired in time. If you’re not a bodybuilder but would like to sleep well into the night, this peptide may also be helpful for you.

However, the use of DSIP on humans and animals is not yet recommended. This is because tests are still being done on the substance and the FDA is yet to receive the Investigative New Drug Application of this chemical. This means that we all have to wait until DSIP has completed all phases of clinical testing.

What’s good to know though, is that individual researchers can obtain DSIP for use on their own clinical testing. DSIP can be purchased online through our website if it is going to be used on laboratory test subjects and not on humans or animals.

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